Monday, 29 September 2014

Books Are My Bag short blog.

Hey Guys!
Today I’m going to be writing a small blog about my favourite bookshop, which would be Waterstones.

Waterstones is a large outlet of bookshops across the U.K that also deal with other products such as board game sets, miscellaneous objects, journals/diaries/notebooks, etc...
The reason Waterstones is my favourite bookshop is because of the wide and diverse range of books they have to offer.

You can walk in without an intention of buying anything and walk out with two sci-fi books, a graphic novel/comics, manga, etc… basically, it gives you a sense of need to buy books! (Even if you are on a book ban!)

The atmosphere is very nice aswell; the staff and other customers are easier to talk to and are more relaxed due to the quiet and stress-free environment, making it a really nice place to socialise.

I don’t mind looking in smaller independent bookshops or charity shops as sometimes you do find the cheaper book(s) but they aren’t going to have all the books you are looking for.

Waterstones will have mostly 95% of the books you are looking for and searching for either in the shop or in stock, which makes them a more time assuring and easier company to work with.

That is the reason my favourite bookshop is Waterstones.

Thanks! Joe.


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