Friday, 5 June 2015

The Thing: Zero Day by Lee McGeorge

Yo guys!
Joe here with another review!
Today I'm going to be reviewing Lee McGeorge's book 'The Thing: Zero Day'

Here's a little bit of the blurb to get you intrigued!
An alien craft has crashed in the Antarctic.
A creature has crawled from the wreckage and become frozen in ice.
The men of Fafnir Station have transported it back to their base.
Some of the men can hear it whispering in their mind.
Some are afraid and want to destroy it...
...and some will kill to defend it

I received this book from the author for an honest review after I won a copy through GoodReads.
This story is based on 'The Thing' by John Carpenter and the book 'Who Goes There' by John W Campbell.

I honestly haven't read many (or any) fan-fiction books or stories in my life, so with this being my first dip into the genre I am throughly happy that it was.
As it is a ‘prequel’ to the film The Thing, I have found that Zero Day is a wonderful piece of writing which compliments Carpenter’s movie superbly. (I haven't read the book as of yet, but I am planning to when I can get my hands on it!)
Though I haven’t seen the film in some time, this book is really making me want to go grab some popcorn and watch it quite thoroughly.

The story that is created through this book is a really-really good representation of the film, the author has done a great job! The writing in this book is fluid and consistent to the pace of the plot. It starts off slowly with short introductions to character types and settings, but that is what a horror is supposed to do, set the scene to make you create a connection to a certain thing or place and then slowly pry your fingers off of it until you watch it falling away. And the author has done that perfectly.

I couldn't put this book down (though I had to when work-hours came around... dammit) but otherwise I couldn't!
The characters were well thought out and developed very well!
I generally liked the names aswell and how they fit the setting!

All in all this book has been a suspenseful, exciting and chilling ride and I am so glad to have been able to read it! I know that this will be a book I am going to be able to re-read every time I need a good thrill or feel like watching the film!

It's a free download if anyone would be interested in downloading it, I really recommend it if you're a fan of The Thing!
(And theres only been 100 printed... so extra happy about owning a collectible haha!)

A huge thank you to the Author for sending me this book, along with a really awesome letter! I am definitely going to check out more of his stuff! :)

Thanks for reading guys!
Have a good one, see ya on the flip side!
Joe :)


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