Thursday, 17 March 2016

I'm sorry

Hey Guys,
Joe here with an update on everything.

I just want to say;
I'm Sorry.
I haven't been putting content up in a while and it's been eating away at me every-day.
I'm not going to sugarcoat it, I'm just not into the same routine I was when this blog was running, I'm completely different to who i was almost two years ago, which is natural, people change, feelings rise and dip, etc. When this blog started I wanted it to be a fun place where books were the topic of discussion and I wanted it to be somewhere I could come and relax and just use my words to help authors and others.

But thats not what it's become; over time I've had people slander my reviews, not on this blog, but on sites such as goodreads, etc saying that I was just arse-licking authors to get more views on my blog and to get more free promotion. I have never done that, I'm opinionated like everyone else and my opinion's, I believe, are fair and individual. I've had companies emailing me about reviews to which I've had to reply saying I'm too busy or they'll be up in under a month, which honestly fucked me on a personal level because I truthfully did not know when they'd be up or when the book would be read.

Because of many things; I took a little break from the blog, this was around the time university started and I thought that maybe, just maybe, once I was at Uni it would be the best decision for me and for furthering this blog to start doing frequent and more regular updates, mostly because I was in my own bubble, my own environment where I could do endless hours of reading and such.
This didn't happen, I became over-stressed with Uni, assignments, work, relationships and I started receiving and accepting more book-review requests than i could take on and complete.
Inside I felt like shit, I felt like I had let all these people down, I stopped checking things like Twitter and Facebook and I just left the blog to rot.
I lost interest honestly; I couldn't feel a reason to go on with this anymore; I felt like I was achieving nothing. I've lost all confidence in reviewing now, to the point where I've been keeping reviews on 'draft' for months, keep books stacked on shelves which I've needed to have read and just all round having negative effort for the blog.

Reading this you're probably thinking 'Grow the fuck up Joe, it's just a blog, they come and go all the time', but to me it was more than just a blog, it was an outlet of self-esteem, somewhere I could be this confident and social person where I spoke to new people every-other day through email or through social media.
In real-life i'm pretty shy, socially awkward, non-talkative; so having this blog gave me a voice, it allowed me to be a person in a weird sense.

So many bad things have happened this year and I don't want this blog to be one of the many pitfalls that I have to foresee.

Due to circumstances that have happened this year, I've decided that I will be starting a new blog; I haven't thought of a title yet nor have I though of a premise; but I'm going to pursue this because I believe I can re-light some sort of passion... some sort of spark to get me going again. I will re-review certain books.

I just want for a second to thank every single author, Mary Fan, Stephen Kozeniewski, Ted Cross, B.B Wynter and many, many others who helped me out promoting this blog and giving me pieces of their hard-work to rip apart, haha. :) Thank you all.
I am sorry for everything guys... I really am, thank you all for supporting me and this blog since day one, you're all amazing, never doubt or forget that.

This is Joe, for the final time saying,
See you on the flip side guys. 


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