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Braineater Jones

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This one is about a book called ‘Braineater Jones’ by Stephen Kozeniewski.

Here’s a little bit of the blurb to entice you:
Braineater Jones wakes up face down in a swimming pool with no memory of his former life, how he died, or why he’s now a zombie. With a smart-aleck severed head as a partner, Jones descends into the undead ghetto to solve his own murder.

Thank you to the Author (Stephen Kozeniewski) and Red Adept Publishing for providing me with an E-Book copy of Braineater Jones.
This is an honest review.

Imagine waking up dead, so dead that you are without any memories as to who you are or where you’re from or even why you’re floating face first in a swimming pool?

That is exactly how Braineater Jones wakes up, or at-least opens his eyes, face first in a swimming pool with a bullet hole through his torso without any memories of who killed him or who he is. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention; he’s also a Zombie.
From then onwards we are drawn into the fast-paced, action packed, bloody hilarious story of Braineater Jones, a Zombie Detective!

This book was such an amazing read! I’m not a massive fan of the Crime genre but this one grasped me.
If you’re a fan of the conventional Zombie stories then you’ll be a huge fan of this unconventional and unique zombie detective story.

The plot for Braineater Jones was beautifully written and was just so gripping that I found myself staying up into the early hours of the morning wanting to know who Braineater Jones was and why he was killed.

The actual story was really very simple to follow and mostly quite linear, though it did contain a few twists and turns, which shook the plot around to make it a much more enjoyable read.
There were parts where you’d think ‘what the hell is going on?’ and then the next chapter would explain everything with either a great comedic narration from Braineater Jones or a great detective sequence from Braineater Jones and Alcibé
That’s another thing! The Narration that is done by Braineater Jones himself is hilarious, especially when he keeps assuming that in his past life he’s these different professions and then dismissing it.

The places that The Author created was so very consistent to the reader’s imaginations, it practically was a description of any back-alley town that you’d find in any kind of suburb. This back alley town was called ‘The Welcome Mat'.
The Welcome Mat is home to mostly Deadheads, Junkies and Prostitutes. This makes the settings for the Detective side of Braineater Jones perfect with twists and turns at every corner.

The characters in this book were described very well and had good character development, I generally felt a good connection to the characters while reading this; it kept me really enticed to know and want more from this story!

Braineater Jones is the Protagonist whom we follow trying to find out who he was, what he was and what his real name was, because of his memory loss his name has also been wiped leaving him to come up with the persona ‘BrainEater Jones’
He is possibly one of my favourite characters to date; he was just so authentic.
How he spoke like a pissed off old man really was hilarious, constantly being sarcastic and always joking around really made his character so much more likeable and real.

I did like how the Author incorporated a softer side when Braineater Jones met Alcibé, going to show that the development of the character’s humanity still stayed with him after death.

Alcibé was the profound un-titled sidekick/partner to Braineater Jones; with the twist being that Alcibé is just a head, which also earned him the nickname of ‘The Head’
I did enjoy he witty and sometimes one-sided humour which Braineater and Alcibé had, also I did like how The Head was Jones’s logical voice and that he wouldn’t constantly question whether or not the situation was good or not.

The fact that the Deadheads needed booze to remain in control of their un-dead selves was clever; if they didn’t drink enough booze they turn into the form of Zombie that we all know and love… the ones that bite.
Especially when the book was set in the 1950’s, which is when the prohibition happened, so there were limited suppliers of booze for the Deadheads.

I also liked how the Deadheads didn’t really know why they had returned from the grave; that they just had was a bit of weird circumstance for them.

Anyways! My over-all thoughts for this book are that it’s fantastically written, it’s got a-lot of Dark humour, which is always great, and the characters/places/storyline is just amazingly developed.
I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes Zombies, detective/crime books, Dark-humour books, etc.

Thank you again to the Author (Stephen Kozeniewski) and Red Adept Publishing for providing me with an E-Book copy of Braineater Jones.
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