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Artificial Absolute's by Mary Fan: One of my Fav Reads of 2014!!

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Today I’m going to be giving an honest review of Mary Fan’s book ‘Artificial Absolutes: A Jane Colt Novel’

Here’s a slice of the blurb for you :)
Jane Colt is just another recent college grad working as an Interstellar Confederation office drone—until the day she witnesses her best friend, Adam, kidnapped by a mysterious criminal. An extensive cover-up thwarts her efforts to report the crime, shaking her trust in the authorities. Only her older brother, Devin, believes her account.

The author sent it to me around mid-September and I planned to read it maybe two or three weeks after… that didn’t go to plan and I started it late November time; nether-the-less I started it and I planned to finish it.

Ahh! I really-really-really enjoyed reading this book; there were so many emotions and so many page-turning happenings that made this book so enjoyable and fresh in the deep, dark refuge of the genre we call Sci-Fi.

The story follows siblings Jane and Devin Colt, Best friend and religious advocate Adam and computer hacker Riley on a quest across the galaxy to find the truth about everything, their galaxy, their lives and more importantly their friends.

The story itself was pretty tight and quickly paced; there were parts which were super-predictable… *cough*Adam’s role in the book *cough*, but other than that the book was pretty secluding and very well presented in terms of plot layout. The ending was brilliant, but yet it was very predictable; not in the way it was played out though.
Even though it was titled ‘A Jane Colt series’ the overall book felt more like a series containing all characters and not just focusing on one character, but I understand why it’s called that J

Mostly all the characters were really well developed and really well thought out.
Devin could have had a slight more amount of time put towards developing him, as he seemed like the generic mercenary with a past who doesn’t talk much but shoots instead.
Jane was really well thought out, but she seemed to be really immature at times and she wanted to do things that would put the whole crew into a sort of jeopardy-type event, even though she was supposed to be quite clever about situations.

Adam was pretty well developed and I did love how he became the hero in a way. The way he developed throughout the book was possibly one of my favourite things about this book, how he went from being a peace advocate for the religious views of ‘The absolute one’ to being a guy who was able to use guns/violence was pretty cool…

Though, my favourite character would’ve had to be Riley. He was just so funny and really condescending; which added to the humour.
I couldn’t really tell how old he actually was, parts made him out to be a 20-something-year old stating about his living situations; but then other-parts made him seem like he was about 16-17 years old, when they arrive in Jim-X’s front room and it depicts riley looking child-like on the floor, I couldn’t make my mind up so I figured I’d meet in the middle.
He did make a lot of the things way more funnier and more relatable aswell.

The world building in the book was brilliant also; for being Mary Fan’s first novel the world’s she had created were pretty darn good in terms of descriptive and imaginative senses.

Mary Fan has created her own presence in the Sci-Fi world that will not be un-noticed!

All in all I really really enjoyed this book and I’m so glad the author chose to send a free copy of her first novel ‘Artificial Absolutes’ to us.
Check it out if you fancy an awesome galactic read!

Thank you for checking out this review!
And again thank you to the awesome Mary Fan for sending myself this book, much appreciated! :D
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