Friday, 27 February 2015

Book Review: 'Silence' by Natasha Preston

Hello book-lovers! 

So, today I bring you a short review about a book I read only last night! I wanted to know what happened so much, I didn't go to bed until I finished it at....2am! It's called 'Silence' - title is already intriguing, don't you think?

Both heartbreaking and heartwarming, ‘Silence’ is a book that will urge you to continue reading! 
This book is about Oakley, she’s 15 and hasn’t spoken since she was 5. Her story is quite admirable, with it's many ups and downs.
This wouldn’t be a YA novel without a romance in it, and it’s an extremely sweet one as well! 

I thought all the characters were great and they are each very distinctive. Apart from the two main characters - Oakley and Cole - my next favourite is probably Kerry. I love her enthusiasm, and I feel she’s just what Oakley needs. Without spoiling anything, I’ll say this: expect the unexpected! 

What was it that pushed me to get this book and read it? Well, the blurb seemed intriguing, and I enjoy reading books that have tragic stories to them; I guess I find it interesting how people react and overcome life’s obstacles. I had guessed early on why Oakley hasn’t spoken, but I didn’t fully expect her reasons. Though the story was somewhat predictable, I enjoyed it over the few hours it took me to read it! I’ve read other reviews saying it was too fast-paced, but I don’t think that at all. Thankfully, this book is part of a short series and I’m now reading the second book ‘Broken Silence’ as I wanted to know what happened next - who wouldn’t?! 
I’m not a huge fan of putting things I didn’t like about the book because when I’m reading them, it’s the things I like that keep me reading, so why put negative things? 

So overal, the book was a fairly easy read and had a really good storyline - I really enjoyed it AND I've started the next book in the series! It is suggested by the author that due to the topic this book covers, it’s not recommended to people under 16. Anyone over the age of 16 that enjoys YA novels, and also ones about difficult topics/good stories, should definitely give this a read - it’s also FREE to get on the iBook store (that’s where I found it!). I find a lot of hidden gems in the ‘under £2.99’ category on the IBook store! 

Thanks for reading my short and sweet review of ‘Silence’. 
You can connect with us HERE, and you can connect with the author - Natasha Preston - HERE.

Until next time,
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