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Gene.Sys by Aaron Garcia.

Yo Guys!
Joe here with another review for you all!
Today we're going to be reviewing Aaron Garcia's book 'Gene.Sys'

Here's a little bit of the blurb to get you interested:
The world is supposed to end in about a year. For Atom, that means his quest is about to begin. 
Genetically engineered by the scientists that will be setting off a nuclear apocalypse, Atom and eleven other Genetic Systems were created to restart humanity. When an outside attack expedites the plans for the extermination, Atom must find the courage and strength to lead himself and the other Genesys to survival.

The author got in touch with me for a review and I was sent this E-book for an honest review.

I really enjoyed this story!
From the start to the end, it was a strong and stable story with a great theme.
Every-time I put the book down to go to sleep or do something other than read, I would find myself picking it straight back up and telling myself 'Just one more chapter'.

The story is set in a future not far from now, around 22nd century, the world has been obliterated by nuclear fallout with only pockets of civilisation surviving and living in the wastelands of former cities.
To tackle the threat of an oncoming Ice Age, a group of scientists started a project in Egypt, this project was to genetically create twelve human beings and make them the re-start of civilisation. In doing this though, the scientists have decided to wipe out the rest of civilisation by setting off the un-touched nuclear explosives found across the globe.
Though, some people aren't really happy about this plan and they will do anything to stop it happening.

So, the story!
I can honestly say that this is a really nicely written piece of Sci-Fi/Dystopian/Young Adult.
The entire story kept my eyes glued to screen (I read it on a kindle haha) and each chapter left me wanting more and more!
It was clever how the author intertwined both science and religion in this book by making the two 'main' characters Atom and Ev, naming the place they were 'born' The Centre for Genetics and Obstetric Design, or more simply the Centre for G.O.D.
The nature of the story was your average apocalyptic based book, pockets of civilisation, a group of scientists, genetically enhanced humans created by said scientists and the end of the world.
But the author really wrapped this story up really cleanly, especially the contrast of the scientists having all this perfectness luscious gardens with a plentiful of vegetable plants, fruit trees and colourful plants, clean buildings with hot showers and hot meals to the outsiders who are dying on the streets, living in slums, no clean water, no clean or good amount of food, I did like the way he wrote about the way they were so different to each-other.
The world the author created aswell was really well thought out and planned very well.

The world itself is designed really well at the moment, I like how it’s easy to picture in your mind aswell as it makes the book more enjoyable than it already is, especially since nuclear fallout wastelands are mostly representations of Death-Valley with more mountains.

My favourite part of the book was the history lesson, as it gave you an underlining sense of how humanity had destroyed it self. Especially with today’s crisis's going on, it really puts into perspective how much of a burden and pain we are to planet Earth and how much we really shouldn't of inherited this earth from whatever higher power created it.
I did really like how the author used original spouts of our worlds historical wars e.g. WW1, WW2, and then adapted them into these fictional future’s which are so clever created by interlinking original happenings, for example he states in one paragraph “The strong-arm gesture by America to drop two nuclear bombs on Japan would actually raise tensions between them and the Soviet Union. Both would try hard to win the Space-Race and the Nuclear-Race”
I love how he placed that little nugget of information in and then linked the nuclear wars of this fictional future from that paragraph^ I generally found that rather intelligent and clever. I love it.

I also felt really emotional when it came to the whole nuclear fallout, I don’t really get emotional when reading books (save the Mistborn trilogy) so that was refreshing, in a way haha!

All in all, the story was set well and written well, but I did feel like a-lot of it happened quite quickly and abruptly and some of it just seemed to dally on by.

The characters to me were pretty cool!
There were quite a few different styled characters so I’m just going to rattle on about a couple of the main ones :)
First of all we have the Main character Atom (a play on Adam) who is finding his footing in this new life of his, he's not having the best luck with honestly. He's the leader of eleven other Genesys's and he needs to lead them back to Eden, which he has no idea what it is, where it is or how he's supposed to get there.
I liked Atom's character, as it seemed like the author developed him while he was writing the book instead of having a scheduled layout for his character.

Next we have 80. 80 is an android who saves Atom from being shot by an outsider, instead of allowing the other androids to kill 80 Atom asks for him to be helped.
80 then starts to hang out with Atom more and more and becomes one of his closest friends, starting to grow emotions and start to feel for himself rather than being a mindless, emotionless droid who just does what their master wants them to.
This helps the next plot of the story, which shows 80 helping other droids become self-reliant.

The other characters maintain major roles throughout this story, but I don't want to give too much away and I don’t want to bore you with over-described characters, short and sweet all the way!

I did like the characters, but again I felt a little rushed with the slight romances going on and how each GeneSys seemed to adapt so quickly to their surroundings but it took Atom and Ev weeks, nearly months.

Over all, I really liked this book! Everything to me felt fresh and right!

A big thanks to the author for allowing me to review this book! :)

If you want to check it out here's the amazon link for it:

Thank you so much for sticking with us during our absence, we'll be coming back fully soon!
Thank you again for reading this.
Take care guys, Joe :)


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