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Path Of The Heretic by Ivan Amberlake.

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Today I’m going to be reviewing Ivan Amberlake’s book ‘Path Of The Heretic’

Path Of The Heretic is the second book in The Beholder series, I reviewed and really enjoyed the first one and I’ll leave a link to that:

Here’s a bit of the blurb to intrigue you:
When he least expects it, the Darksighted return to New York City, but they are not after Jason. They seek to destroy those who may know something about where Emily can be.

The more Jason gets to know the world of Energy and Sight, the harder it is for him to belong in this world. He can’t enter the Sight when there are too many people around. And then Emily comes to his dreams and gives him clues of where to look for the answers.

The question is: should he believe her, or is it just another attempt to get him killed?

The Author, for an honest review, sent Path Of The Heretic to me.

Firstly, I really – really enjoyed this book!
After reading the The Beholder, book 1 in the series, ( add link ) I was a tad bit sceptical about the sequel as sometimes ideas get dry and not as excellent, this was the ultimate opposite.

Path Of The Heretic was everything you seek for in a sequel. By that I mean the story progression was good and believable, the character progression and development was written very well and was executed greatly and the over-all creation of places and people was on par with the first book.

The story takes place around five or six months after the events of The Beholder and Jason is slowly recovering from the battle in New York with Pariah and the fact that Emily is no longer with him.
But is Jason safe? Why are new Sighted being found in New York with messages from Emily? Jason must figure everything out before all is too late, before Pariah returns and before he questions everything he knows.

From the very beginning of POTH, I was quickly sucked into a story of love, hatred, desire, despair and adventure.
The entire story and plot was very efficient and had an awesome rate of progression, meaning that it wasn’t too quick nor was it too slow.
I liked how the author had slightly carried the same vibe and over-all feel from the first book, it made it much more welcoming.
The way the book jumps straight into action after a calming scene gripped me, as it didn’t start off slow and progressive. Instead, the author threw us into the thicket of a battle that set the story off.

The entire story progressed really well! Each chapter seemed to amp me up to continue reading.

The overall atmosphere within this book and the qualities it gives off are outstanding! I generally had no flaws or concerns while reading this book.
The plot was quite linear, with a handful of twists that made it very enjoyable to read as it allowed for myself as a reader to become more lost within the story and the characters, another great this was that it become much more explorative of the beautiful places that The Author had either created or written about.

Another thing I liked about the plot was that it didn’t backtrack on it’s self; it didn’t become boring or predictable. There were a-lot of fresh ideas which were implemented within this book that isn’t necessarily make sense in the first book and there were some plot points that severely stood out to me!
I say it didn’t back-track, the only times it did back-track was in Jason’s dreams, but even then it felt right and nice. The way The Author implemented those scenes was very fitting and it made the rest off the read compile together and memorable.

The way it was so intricately placed together was very defining for this book; it didn’t have unnecessary big defining words or structure. It was simplistic and sweet, which really added an upbeat side of it that made the reading way more intense and enjoyable.

Also, the way that the plot weaved in and out of other peoples experiences such as Tyler and Damien and their past, Emily and the entire plot, James and Violet, etc.
Each and every sub-plot in this book seems to flawlessly and alluringly intertwine with the main-plot with grace and ease, which is rare to find in books that are dominated by complicated and over-bearing main-plots.

The characters, in my opinion, were developed and written very well and quite thoughtfully by the author it seems!

I generally really like the way the author focused on three or four characters that we didn’t actually know that much about.

Even though we’ve met mostly all the characters in the previous book, the way the author implemented them in this book was very fresh and original. I generally enjoyed reading about and vicariously through these characters!
Damien being my favourite! ☺
I also liked how memorable and how much of an impact all of the characters had. I generally do have a tendency to sometimes forget who a character was/is, but with this book I had no problem with placing characters

Also, the locations that the author has included and created in this book are depicted and descriptively beautiful! From London Town to The City of Tranquillity, we see such a diverse range of atmospheric qualities, which adds a lot of depth and implements an amazing vibe that radiates in this book.
I said it in my last review and I’ll say it again; the author has amazing descriptive talent when creating places and people! They are so very beautiful to imagine and the descriptive writing of the places are awesome.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I’m super happy that I was able to review the first and second! This book is definitely in my top Fifteen for 2015.

A massive thank you to the author for sending me a copy of this book!

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