Thursday, 6 August 2015

Lament of Sky by B.B. Wynter

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Joe here with another review for you all!

Today I’m going to be reviewing Bb Wynter’s dark fantasy book ‘The Lament of Sky’!
Here’s a little bit of the blurb to get you intrigued:
Lilyth, the last remnant of the Rhai-Angof, fights to survive against the ruling, tyrannical Vildarii regime. Her journey leads to encounters with William, the only remaining Duwaiu God; Sky, an ethereal being of otherworldly magic; and a philandering sky-pirate named Vergo. 

I received an E-copy of this book from the author for an honest review.

I didn’t think this story would be as good as it was honestly.

The story to me was very well created and implemented over the entire read, the way the Epic-Fantasy styled influences intertwined with highly erotic scenes (Which I generally didn’t expect to get so in-depth haha…) really made the reading more interesting and clever?

The way the story flowed along was very fluid-like and very natural; you can tell that the author spent a-lot of time delving ways to create such an intense and fun story that will capture so many emotions at once.
The world building was really well done; some of the areas the author created were unique and quite distinctly different from areas of the same style in other books.

The plot was a simple one honestly, though it worked perfectly for what it needed!
The main character suffers from memory problems and decides to go on a journey to retrieve her memory of why these people are trying to kill/save her, meeting companions along the way who would become friends until the end.

Yes, it does seem super simple and very ‘un-imaginative’; but the author worked around this and made the plot become slightly clever and unexpected. I honestly have read better story lines which contained large twists and turns (The Mistborn books for instance) but this one does work and it works well.

The characters to me were well developed.
There were only a few characters, which I liked and disliked about the book.

The reason I liked there being only a few characters is because we wouldn’t get lost in an expansive world filled with so many people we forget what happened to someone three chapters ago.

But the reason I don’t like it is because it sometimes limits the character to broaden their development? Instead of focusing on a few characters every other chapter it would focus on the feelings of one or two at a time in some chapters that threw off the engrossment of me as a reader.

Lilyth (Genuinely the nicest way of spelling that name I’ve ever come across) is a Rhai-Angof, a race of women warriors with long silver hair who are able to contact the Duwaiu Gods, until they were and the Duwaiu were all hunted and executed by the evil Vildarii.
Lilyth is a really well done character in my opinion. She’s serious, funny, at points quite ‘sexual’ and super fearless and brave!

Lilyth was my favourite character just because of how funny she was; always making jokes about people or situations; for example one of the other characters, Sky who introduced himself as a Caraid, was known to Lilyth as ‘The Cabbage Fairy’, which I found quite funny!
Her way of speaking and wording was quite peculiar as well; it was like… An intelligent but yet serious Steam-punk Pirate who was brought by constant innuendo jokes, I liked it honestly!

The other characters in this book made an impression, but none lived up to Lilyth’s wit and humour.

Overall, this book was a fun little read and one that will be remembered for a long time :)
If you enjoy Dark Fantasy with great characters and a story/plot/design worthy of great imaginative fun, you’ll really enjoy B.B. Wynter’s book ‘Lament of Sky’
And who knows, maybe we’ll see a sequel to this book! I would jump straight onto it!

Thank you again to the author for sending me an E-copy of this book!
And thank you to you for reading this review!

See ya on the flip side guys!
Joe :)


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