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Legend of Zelda manga review.

Hey guys!
I thought I'd put up this small review I did of the legend of Zelda- Ocarina of Time manga's (part 1 and 2) as I had it on my mac and it was just there.
So I thought I'd share it with you guys!
Yeah! :)

Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time Part 1:
To start this off with, I am a huge Legend Of Zelda fan, so when I came across this Manga book, I just had to buy it.
I played the original game years ago when I was younger, so re-reading it years after first playing LOZ Ocarina of Time was very nostalgic.

Seeing as though the Manga was based off of the game, Akira Himekawa did an amazing job, the drawings were amazingly detailed and the plot was basically the same as the game (without the added 10/20 minutes of running/walking/riding Epona across Hyrule Field).
Links journey started in Kiroki Forest, which was guarded by The Great Deku Tree, where he was a young kid without a fairy; but when an evil possessed the Great Deku tree, Link embarked on a journey, which earned him the sacred stone of the forest.
Travelling to Death Mountain, Zora's domain, Link fought Ganondorfs evil monsters and saved members of different tribes to gather 2 more sacred stones, to awaken the Temple of Time and retrieve the Master Sword.

^See, basically identical to the game (there was more detail in both the video game and the manga, but I left it out because:
1) You should read these books if you're a Legend Of Zelda fan or if you have heard of the franchise and find it interesting!
2) If you've already played Ocarina of Time, then you know how the plot goes and you are awesome!
3) You are a Nintendo freak (like myself) and what you collection of Nintendo related products to grow.

I loved this short manga and have already started on Ocarina of Time Part 2, fuelling my love for the Legend of Zelda franchise even more!

5 out of 5 stars, basically because Akira Himekawa done an amazing job in transitioning a video game masterpiece to spectacular Manga, and because LOZ holds a special place in my heart!

Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time Part 2:
Ocarina of Time Part 2!
After reading the first manga and being thoroughly impressed at how 'Akira Himekawa' (or A.Honda and S.Nagano) transitioned the game into manga form; the style was well drawn, well detailed and well thought through.

With this one though, yes it contained the same level of design and detailed content, I found the main story of the 'Ocarina of Time' to be quite short? With it only being 85 pages (the equivalent in written book form is probably around... 50 pages? maybe less)
Nether the less, I found it very interesting and it followed the story to the 'T'.
My only concern for the actual 'OoT' story concept was that it could have been a little longer and it could have depicted the Boss battles for more then 2 pages; instead maybe 3 or 4 pages? To actually capture the accurate gameplay (I know this is a transition from Game to Book, but the Boss battles are an important factor in LoZ and I feel the designers didn't spend as much time on them as they could have)

I still loved this manga of 'OoT', as it is one of my favourite Zelda games and it is a very well depicted manga (despite my only claim for change up there^ The actual story is amazing!)

Now! There are two bonus stories in this manga!

1: Ocarina of Time Bonus Story - The Skull Kid and the Mask.

This short story shows Link as a young 'Kiroki', every year the Kiroki Forest holds an annual Deku festival to prepare for Deku Nuts to fall from the Great Deku Tree. In the preparations, the young Kiroki's are planning a show called 'The Fairy Prince of the Forest'. One element of this theatre show is to create masks using wood found in the Kiroki Forest, with the Lead male using wood from the Great Deku Tree.

Link is cast for the main protagonist (as usual. Haha) and Saria is cast as the Female Lead, with Mido being upset and angry that he isn't casted opposite Saria, hides Links mask.

After confessing to the disappearance to Links mask, it suddenly vanishes from Mido's hiding place. Link runs off into the Lost Woods, only to find a creature named the 'Skull Kid'...

The story length for 'The Skull Kid and the Mask' is only 24 manga pages, but I found myself really upset for the Skull Kid, leading to one phase of me actually tearing up (I am a wuss, I cry, yes for I am human)

This story actually hit me quite strongly considering it was quite a short story.

The second bonus story is:

2: Hero of Time - Rouru of the Watarara

This short story shows Link as his adult version in the Hero of Time, the opening pages of Link fishing tells us that it is a break period during the first and second Manga.
As Link is being taught to fish, by both Navi and the fishing expert, he accidentally 'catches' Rouru, a young Lord in the Watarara tribe (a tribe of bird like people, their young grow wings on their arms when they reach a certain age at the Growth Ceremony)

The young Lord Rouru is a 'little jerk' (Navi's words, not mine) to Link and Navi, causing Link and Navi to argue, leading them to go their separate ways.
While Navi is out looking for a new 'partner' Link runs into trouble when two Flare dancers appear and create a tornado. Leaving Link to fend for himself and for Rouru's life.

The story length was actually really well paced for this bonus graphic, the characters were well described and the plot was awesome.

So yeah, a 4 out of a 5 would be the best rating for me, as the two bonus stories made up for the lack of OoT. (But the Ocarina of Time section was still amazingly awesome! Legend of Zelda will forever be one of my favourite games, possibly number 2 in my list, surpassed undoubtedly to Pokémon)


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