Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Mistborn - Hero of Ages Review!

Hey Guys, Joe here! :)

So, it's been a long time coming, but I have finally finished 'Hero of Ages', which is the last instalment in the 'Mistborn' Series, written by Brandon Sanderson.

As you all hopefully know, I'm a very happy guy when it comes to reviews! I'm always cheerful and always have happy things to say about books.

But this time I’m going to write this review differently to how I would normally do a review, as I honestly can’t explain everything I want to with this book. It was such a powerful and emotional journey that it has become one of the most cherished books that I have ever and will ever read.

This book… this book left me broken from the first page, in the beginning I wanted to personally read this book quite intensely to get all of the experience injected into my mind as a sort of ‘book drug’.

As soon as I started to get further into the book I made sure that as I read it every emotion I felt was genuine and that nothing I felt was only at half-mast. I knew this book would test my emotions, so I let the storms roll forward and I let my sail extend to its highest point.

But honestly, this book will heighten all of your emotions to the point of one hundred and ten percent of pure happiness for the characters, for the situation, for practically everything, as you start to believe that everything you’ve learned over the past two books comes to fruition in this book and you feel as if you know what going to happen further on in the book, which leads you to start making assumptions about certain characters.

But then with a flick of a page and the beginning of a new chapter something will happen which pushes you back to square one and then delivers a fatal blow that smashes your happiness… Leaving you to pick the pieces up while you read onwards.

The emotions, which I was instantly swamped by, were impressively more intense than anything I’ve ever felt before.
Like every other being on this planet, I’ve felt raw emotion e.g. Happiness at cute things, tears at the sight of happy activities, anger at the most jarring situations.

This book basically turned them to the max, at some point in every chapter I was smiling, laughing, crying or screaming (on the inside). These would then repeat chapter after chapter after chapter.
I did not have any emotional control at all while reading this book...

The bit that hit me the hardest though, had to be the ending.
Now, yes that is cliché as, yes every ending is either very sad or very happy or very funny.

I won't lie that the ending was amazing.

But at the same time, the ending of this book just destroyed my mind. Tears were streaking down my face, I couldn’t control myself, I didn’t even think to stop crying when I realised I was.
To be honest, I couldn't really do much thinking, as my brain practically turned to slush it was that powerful.

My whole body just shut down and robotically moved on it’s own.
I proceeded to turn off all the lights, lie in bed and stare into the darkness contemplating the whole book.

This is one of the most intense, heart wrenching, soul crushing and awe-inspiring trilogies I have ever read.
But this book alone just sets every single emotion in my soul on fire.
At one point I was chuckling, then I was gripping the closest thing my hand could reach, then I was tearing up...

On a positive note though, I believe that everything in this book was written perfectly. The locations were well thought out, the detail, which went into them, was near perfect, The characters each had their own ever-changing personality which allowed me to connect with them almost on a personal level, especially Spook. (Lestibournes, yeah!)
The battle scenes were possibly my favourite parts of the book; they were just so in-depth and so very well detailed. I pictured about 95% of this book in my mind. (The other 5% I didn't want to witness... readers of this book will probably already know why...)

I really did love this book and I can't think of anything else to say about it.
Now, I have to take some time to applaud the man who wrote these 3 amazing books.

Brandon Sanderson, if you ever do read this I just want to thank you. Thank you so much for writing these amazing stories. You really have brung inspiring ideas towards the world of fantasy and I cannot wait to start Elantris and The Reckoners (SteelHeart).

If you come across any books written by Brandon Sanderson or any of the Mistborn trilogy. I don’t recommend you read them, I INSIST that you read them!

I would rate this book 10/10.

Thank you for taking the time to read this sad, but yet happy review.

Joe! :D


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