Monday, 11 May 2015

The Weekly Words #1 - Self Belief

Hi everyone!

I mentioned in a previous post that I'm going to be starting a new series of weekly posts inspired by Oprah Winfrey's book "What I Know For Sure". Under many different topics, she writes about her experiences and some anecdotes as well, and I thought I would share some words every week because of that! This week the topic is - Self Belief.

Each week, there will be a new topic - that's where you, our readers, come in! You'll have the chance to pick the topic that I will write about, and include your own experience as well. Since this is the very first post, I've chosen the topic as it's something quite important 

So, this week's topic is Self Belief. It's something we all have to deal with all the time, and it's much harder for some than it is for others. I believe that if you don't believe that you can do something, you simply won't, and then you are never going to reach your goal or your full potential.

Throughout my life, I have been involved with a few people that just haven't believed that can do what they have been asked to do, and I just can't settle for that. Firstly, if you haven't even tried yet, then how will you know if you can do it? It's just really important for me to try and coax them to at least give it a go, they will have nothing to lose, but lots to gain.

I also understand that many of us have times of doubt if we've done something wrong, or if we haven't had the outcome that we hoped for, but the important thing is to shake it off, get past it, and carry on. 
I am hoping to become a composer for film and TV. If I don't believe in anything that I compose, then I'm just going to be stuck in that space forever - that's definitely what I do not want to happen. I am prepared to be knocked back and rejected, as that's what you must expect in any part of the music industry. At times I may want to give up, and so I'll give myself time to think it through, and move past it.

Acknowledging the situation, and continuing is a great strength. None of us will get things right all of the time, we hopefully all know that, but feeling we aren't worthy or good enough to do certain things just won't do you any good. If you've got a strong mind and a great support system then you are on the road to achieving whatever it is you set out to achieve. If a friend isn't doing so well at school, then don't make them feel even worse, you should support them and give them a helping hand. Maybe their home life isn't that great, or maybe they have just been too proud or scared to ask for help, your support matters. The more they are heard, the more faith they will have in them because they will know that someone's there to celebrate the achievements, but also to hug you when it could have been better.

While typing this, I've just remembered an old school motto - Success. Believe it, achieve it, live it! Not sure how relevant it is, but to me it makes some sense! 

These have been The Weekly Words.
Thank you for reading!

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