Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The Weekly Words #2 - Inspirations

Hi everyone!

This weeks topic for The Weekly Words is: Inspiration.

We all have things or people that inspire us, and we both think it's great to share these! If you want to share your inspirations with us, don't hesitate to comment or tweet us @bookolioblog! 

I would say that the thing that gives me inspiration the most is the confidence of the people I surround myself with.
Sure there’s not many of them and that’s my choice to not have a mass amount of friends and to keep a small handful of people I am extremely close to, but each person I have connected with has some sort of creative/passionate spark, an imaginative system which never fails to shut down.

Instead their creativity and the way that their imagination explodes into action is like an influence over me, as soon as I am able to experience their ideas it fills me with a pride or a longing to achieve something I have been putting off for ages.
For instance, this blog was a product of that.

I was super into reading and I did small reviews for books on Goodreads, I was a tad bit scared to open my mouth onto a bigger spectrum due to silly people on the Internet; it wasn’t until Amy and I got talking about books and how we loved them that the idea for us partnering up to create a blog started and BOOM Bookolio was ignited.

Due to her passion for books, It made me become more confident within myself to voice my opinions and create this small community to actually project my stupid, weird self to. (There were other people in my life that supported me and I thank them for it, but Amy was the one who proposed the blog idea)

And now because of the confidence this blog has given me, I am planning loads of other projects with a good friend of mine which I hope gets to see the light of day because I think they’ll be awesome!

So, I have a few hobbies I'm passionate about - composing music, taking photos and sometimes reading! I have inspirations for all three of those things such as music, listening to my favourite composer or discovering new music that I connect to, sparks something inside me (cheesy, yes) and then I get inspired to write new music. It's such a great feeling to compose something and love the outcome and have other people love the outcome. 

As for my photography, I often brows photo sharing websites which often leaves me in awe. I often think "why can't I do that?!" and then it'll leave me yearning to take my camera on a random outing to see what I can capture. It makes me so so happy when I'm in a  field or hight up on a hill admiring a pretty landscape like a coastline or the sun setting in the distance! I'm one of those people that are amazed by literally everything, so every time I see something pretty I often regret not having my camera to hand! 

I try to read. Often I'll hear about a book, buy it, read it in a day and that's that! Or I'll browse a book store or supermarket, and do the same thing! I think that books with stories that relate to what's happened in my life, inspire me to pick up and read; not sure why you would want to read about relatable things, but I suppose you can connect with the book better if you can relate. 
One person that's inspired me to read, amongst other things, is Oprah Winfrey. Yes, I will mention her name at least once a post because she's an inspiration to me and MILLIONS of other people. She's someone I very much aspire to be like, the idea of philanthropy really sits well within me! 

Anyway, we have told you a little bit about our inspirations, we hope you let us know yours too! 

Stay tuned for next week for some more Weekly Words!
Amy & Joe :-) 


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