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Blood in the Water - Tash McAdam

Blood in The Water – Tash McAdam
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Joe here with a new review for you all!
Today I’m going to be reviewing Tash McAdam’s book ‘Blood in The Water’

Here’s a bit of the blurb to get you intrigued:
There have always been warps—tears between realities—and they’ve always been a threat to humanity. Most people are blind to them. But Hallie’s eyes are opening. Now that she’s going to school at the Protectorate, she’s learning there’s more to life than fun and games.

The truth is, she’s just become part of Earth’s only shield against the monsters of the warps. Before, she didn’t think she was anything special. Now, yanked from her relatively normal life, she realizes that she doesn’t have a choice. 

I received a copy of this e-book for an honest review.

Blood in the Water is a prequel novella in a series called ‘Warp Weavers’.

To me the writing is done quite well, especially as it’s a short read sometimes it’s hard to devote enough emotion, action, enthralment into it.
The author, Tash McAdam, has done a really good job with this though, as it does draw enough emotion to bring this book to life and make it very intriguing!

In this story we follow Hallie, a newbie Weaver, someone who has the ability to close rifts that are showing up over the world.
After moving to London to train in the Protectorate campus there, Hallie struggles with boredom as she’s subjected to long and tiring lessons with bad curriculum, only learning the basic knowledge of the rifts and what classes are capable of.

These classes are:
Warrior – Someone who has enhanced speed and strength to fight the creatures that come through the rifts.
Warlock – People who are able to cast spells to help their companions, though if they divulge to far into their research/practice they may become delusional and crazy
And finally;
Weavers – Weavers are people who are able to close the rifts, these are the most important of all classes as they are the final front to destroy any chance of evil coming through the rifts; The toll it has is that it leaves intricate tattoos on Weavers arms as the magic that closes rifts leaves them.

When one of the rifts opens in the River Thames, Hallie’s abilities are soon put to the test. This is the first time that she is going out on her own to close a rift, will she succeed? Will she close it in time to make sure her companions are safe?

The main reason I like the story is because it’s fresh; I’ve read stories and seen TV shows/Films where inter-dimensional rifts happen, but none have been as believable and engaging as this; I truly mean it.
The start of the story, though it was informative, was a little dry and slow, I did start to get a little bored – BUT! Once Hallie was out and battling these otherworldly sea monsters the tension and the suspense made it fun and energetic!

For the amount of writing room the Author had, she did a super good job with adding enough descriptive detail and enough enthusiasm to develop a strong plot! J

I had a small problem with the story being in first person, as I’m more of a third person guy, but that didn’t really affect my overall thoughts of the book.

The characters to me were nicely done, but sometimes quite dull?
I liked them, but I felt sometimes some of the things they did weren’t necessary or even illogical at times?

Hallie to me was a good character, at points she was a little wooden and hard to enjoy but again when the action and pressure came into play her demeanour and her attitude revamped and drastically went up! I enjoyed her character past the half way mark.

As for the other characters I couldn’t really grasp an idea for them as they seemed to be in and out of the book, at points we’d gain an aspect of their overall character and then they’d disappear from chapters.

Overall, I did enjoy this book! It was a nice, fun and quick read and I will check out Book 1 in this series, once it comes out!

SLAM Review - By Tash McAdam:

Thank you to the author for sending me an e-copy of this book! J

And thank you for reading this review!
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