Saturday, 24 May 2014

London MCM Expo and Manga!

Hey Book-lovers!
Joe here and I have something to say.
Today, I went on an adventure.
T'was to the heart of a city...
A fearsome ride along the streets of yonder.
Facing off against different indivud-
Okay, enough Joe.
Seriously, I went to the London MCM Expo today!
I just thought I'd give it a quick mention since...

Well Manga, but still the same thing :)

I bought 4 volumes of The Legend of Zelda mangas.
I've had these volumes on my wishlist since forever and I've finally got them!

1. The Phantom Hourglass.
2. A Link to the Past.
3. Four Swords.
4. Majora's Mask.

Now with The Legend of Zelda being one of my favourite game series's ever, I knew I had to get the mangas and dive into more Zelda Nerdism!

So I may review them all at the same time (as I now have six volumes, 4 from today and 2 from a while back) and mangas are relatively small in size so finishing them shouldn't be so hard!

Look forward to that in the near future! :D

- Joe!


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