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The Book Cake Tag!

Hello fellow book lovers!

Since our blog is still in its early stages, I figured that we could do some posts so you can get to know us a little bit better.
I've searched online for some book tags, and I've come across this particular tag called the 'Book Cake Tag'.

Have a read below at our answers!

- Amy :-)

Book Cake Tag

1) Flour - A book that was a little bit slow to start off but that really picked up as it went along. 

Amy: I've read SO many books recently, I can't seem to remember which is which! There is one in particular that fits perfectly here and it's 'The Room' by Emma Donoghue. It had such a slow beginning that I almost stopped reading it; so very glad I didn't, it's an amazing book!

Joe: Hmm... like Amy, I've read so many books that I have a hard time remembering which one's had a slow plot; But I would have to say (and people, mainly the girlfriend, will hate me for this) the Harry Potter series, I mean the books are amazing, but when I read them all those years ago, it was a slow start.
But yeah, Harry Potter = amazing.

2) Margarine - A book that had a really rich and great plot. 

Amy: This is quite a hard decision to make, but a book called 'White Bones' by Graham Masterton, had just that! It's a thriller type book I would say, one of those that I couldn't really put down.

Joe: Thomas Mogford's 'Hollow Mountain'. The plot immediately drags you down three separate pathways which all connect in the end; stealing amy's words, It was one of those books that I couldn't put down, if I did, it would be back in my hand the next second.

3) Eggs - A book that you thought was going to be bad but actually turned out quite enjoyable. 

Amy: Well firstly, I didn't think this book (series) would be bad, but I was apprehensive; it seemed as thought it was a teen novel series (not YA). This book/series I'm talking about is the 'Agatha Raisin' series of books by M.C. Beaton. I received a couple of them for my birthday, and decided to read them one day not knowing how "childish" they would be. They weren't! It's a series about a detective called Agatha Raisin, and I actually really enjoyed them...I'll have to find the rest of the series and read them all!

Joe: Zombie Stories. They can either be written really well, or they can be a pile of... well you know.

However! This book caught my eye one day while browsing the free isle of the kindle store - 'Dead Days' by Ryan Casey. Sounds interesting and the cover was pretty neat.
So I bought it and I read it within the day.
The start wasn't the greatest, man gets fired and runs out of money, but oh look, what-do-you-know Z-Day is here! But as the book revealed more, I was becoming attached, to the point where I was putting my life in this 'mans' shoes, so to speak. I'm a huge fan of The Walking Dead, but seriously they should make a show of this book, containing EVERYTHING!

4) Sugar - A sugary/sweet book. 

Amy: Ah, a sugary/sweet book, well one book in particular springs to mind at the moment - 'Don't Want to Miss a Thing' by Jill Mansell. I really do love a good ol' love novel, but this was just so enjoyable to read. There were maybe 4 different love stories going on in this one book within this one little town in England. Seriously, if you want to read a really good love story novel, this is the one to go for!

Jenny Pox by JL. Bryan!!
It's a paranormal-romance, which for me is possibly my second favourite genre.
Basically, Jenny (the main girl) has the power of plague, so everything she touches basically shrivels up and dies, including humans.
But then she meets this one guy and yeah, I won't spoil it. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes Paramance (new word, mixture of Paranormal and Romance, yeah! :D)

5) Icing - A book that covered every single element that you enjoy about a book (funny moments, action moments, sad moments, etc.). 

Amy: I've never actually thought about what I enjoy in a book, I suppose it's whatever keeps me interested and reading it! Thinking about it, two books spring to mind - 'The Fault in Our Stars' by John Green and 'Philomena' by Martin Sixsmith. They are both very different books, so if I were to pick one of them for this part it would be....The Fault in Our Stars!

Joe: Again, I'm in the same predicament as Amy, I also have two options in which I could chose... That is The Mistborn Series by Brandon Sanderson or 'Bones: The Complete Apocalypse Saga' by Mark Wheaton... For this though, I would solemnly chose, The Mistborn Series by Brandon Sanderson, mainly because that book made me laugh, cry, cheer, shout, scream, die inside and then painfully reconstruct myself for the second one to break me down again... and then after the second one, I reconstructed myself again to brace for the third one (which I'm currently reading)
I recommend both books to you guys! :D

6) Sprinkles - A book series that you can kind of turn to for a little pick me up when you're feeling down. 

Amy: I was hoping for this to be "Your favourite book series" because then I could put 'The Breathing Series' by Rebecca Donovan (I highly recommend!!!), but a happier series I have read, that has a few sad parts, would be 'The Summer I Turned Pretty' series by Jenny Han. It's made up of three books - 'The Summer I Turned Pretty, It's Not Summer Without You, and We'll Always Have Summer'. Again I was apprehensive about this, but I really really enjoyed reading them!

Joe: Okay, so since it was my birthday last week, my girlfriend bought me a book called 'How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You' by The Oatmeal.
From page 1 to page 132 I laughed thoroughly. I only stopped laughing once I had physically put the book down. If you're a cat owner, or if you just love cats, buy this book and it will definitely change your perception on those fluffy little felines.
Quote from the book: Bringing you dead animals... this isn't a gift... it's a warning!

7) The cherry on top - Your favourite book this year so far. 

Amy: I am now going to be sneaky and select the first book of 'The Breathing Series' called 'Reason to Breathe' by Rebecca Donovan. I was completely blown away and felt the very strong need to immediately read the next book. Anyway, Reason to Breathe is about Emma who lives with an abusive aunt called Carol, and she does some unthinkable things to Emma, and it just tells you her story and how she gets through it all. It may sound a bit morbid, but there is a love story in it too, and it's VERY good!

Joe: Okay... so, my favourite book this year so far goes to! (drum roll please) *taps knuckles on sideboard*
'The Final Empire' by Brandon Sanderson!
But in all seriousness, TFE is possibly one of those books that will forever stay with me. It has every element you can think of and the writing is practically unbeatable, the only one who I will personally say is better is J.R.R Tolkien.
I highly recommend TFE and the rest of the Mistborn series. Words cannot explain the feelings.


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